Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Music Therapy: K-Ci & JoJo -All My Life

K-Ci & JoJo

"All My Life" is such a beautifully written song, making it one of my favorite songs to listen to. The song, performed by K-Ci & JoJo, was written and produced by Joel 'JoJo' Hailey and Rory Bennett.

Album: Love Always

Lyrics (Source:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Girlfriends (TV Show): 2000-2008

This post is dedicated to the fans of the television series Girlfriends. The show, created by Mara Brock Akil,  aired for eight seasons, starting in 2000 until it was cancelled in 2008.

I appreciated the diversity of the characters, centering around four black women. published this article entitled, "The Demise of the Black Sitcom," which highlights the struggles that shows with predominantly black casts have faced.

"In 2008, the series "Girlfriends" - a staple of UPN and The CW networks for a combined eight years - was unceremoniously cancelled. The program, which centered on the lives of four young black women (a story often never told in Hollywood), "Girlfriends" became one of the highest rated shows among African-Americans aged 18-34. By 2008, however, the show was dumped by the network. "Girlfriends" never received a proper series finale, angering many loyal fans."

Girlfriends -
So why was the show cancelled?

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Featured Model: Liya Kebede


(This post is completely overdue. I apologize on my part for not writing as often. Please forgive me.)

Liya Kebede (born January 3, 1978) is an Ethiopian model, actress, and clothing designer. She is also an activist.

Kebede has been featured in numerous editorials, fashion lines, catalogs, and campaigns. Her work includes being featured in Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and more. She is a former spokesmodel for Estee Lauder, and a current spokesmodel for L'Oreal.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Is Here

Wherever you are, no matter what you believe in, be sure to vote today. 

Voting is a privilege; something that should not be taken for granted. 

If you don't care to vote, then don't complain about the decisions that will affect you, your city, your state, or this nation.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Plight of Donald Trump

Donald Trump -

Okay. First it  was about the birth certificate.

Now Donald Trump has made another announcement regarding President Obama.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Featured Model: Fatima Siad

Fatima Siad

Fatima Siad is absolutely one of my favorite models. The Somali-Ethiopian model is a former contestant of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 10). Despite not winning the cycle, she has successfully launched a modeling career.

Fatima was born on December 17, 1986 in Mogadishu, Somali. She and her mother later fled to the United States, settling in Boston, Massachusetts, after her two sisters were killed during the East-African country's civil war.

Low self-esteem impacted Fatima while growing up, but she didn't let it stop her.

Siad is represented by: New York Model Management, L.A. Model Management, Ace Models (Athens), Ice Models (Milan), Munich Models, Oui Model Management, and Modellink Model Agency.

Fatima Siad

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

Esperanza Spalding
As a black woman, learning to embrace my curly hair after wearing it straight for the majority of my life has been enlightening. My hair is naturally curly, but I've mainly straightened it by the use of pressing combs. There would often be times when I would dread having to do my hair. The whole process of washing, sitting under the dryer, and pressing/ straightening, would consume my whole day.
After some research, I decided to take the plunge.

The very first time I decided to wear my hair curly, I didn't like the results. I had imagined super defined, voluminous curls. In my eyes, my hair didn't turn out the way I liked. So, back to straight hair.

While suffering from a toothache, I decided that I would wash my hair, style it in some twists, let it dry, and see what would happen. I didn't feel like spending two hours with a hot iron close to my scalp. Hallelujah! My curls were beautiful!

I can admit that it has been a journey, which so far, has been rewarding. Yes, I do have great hair days, and some days where creativity is my best friend.

Bottom line - find what works for you.

Below are some images of my favorite curly hairstyles.

Viola Davis
Jill Scott
Kelly Rowland

Monday, July 23, 2012

Emeli Sandé

Emeli Sande
Emeli Sande

Emeli Sandé (pronounced San-dee) is a Scottish singer and songwriter. Emeli's music endeavors launched as a teenager, but she decided to pursue medical studies instead, putting her music career on hold. She is a strong advocate for education. Before finishing medical school in 2010, Emeli pursued her music career full time, for which she is gaining recognition.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

@IssaRae Presents: "I Hate L.A. Dudes" - Minisode #1

I know it's been a while, but I had to share Issa Rae's latest project. Her work includes: The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, Dorm Diaries, and The 'F' Word.

The content had me cracking up. It's amazing how, in some cases, the roles have reversed in regards to men and women.

I can't wait to see the future episodes.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

All About The Bracelets: Latest Bracelet Designs

I'm usually a ring person when it comes to jewelry, but lately I've really ventured into exploring different bracelet designs.

On any day my style changes from bohemian to classic or from dressy to casual. I wear whatever I feel. I change according to my mood, so it's important to be able to mix different pieces. Variety is great, but it's even better when you can wear a single piece of jewelry with multiple outfits.

Mixing styles and layering bracelets are a fantastic way to spice up any wardrobe style.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Erykah Badau ft. The Flaming Lips - Western Esotericism

**The link to this video is NSFW**
This video has a plethora of symbolism. When I first watched the video, I took a moment to digest its contents. I can appreciate the elements from an artistic perspective. To the average person the video looks suggestive, leaving you to wonder “What the hell did I just watch?” Since the video involves Erykah Badu, it’s not full of “fluff”. She is not the typical musician or artist. There is a meaning behind whatever she does or creates.

You can view the video on my tumblr page here.
Click here to view the original blog post and video from Shadow & Act.

In my opinion, KAT3000 on gives one of the best analysis or interpretation of the video:
KAT30000 | JUNE 4, 2012 1:58 PMREPLY

I guess I see it straight-up as a woman surviving what the world has tried to make of her. The heavy echo, long phrasing and minimal accompanyment of starke percussive tones in this rendition of the song stretch, distort, and harden the subject that is about having once been completely love-struck … the cumulative affect evokes the sensation of indifference in retrospect, having survived utter disillusionment. She heals from the pain (from the blackened eye) and is cleansed (bathed) having endured objectification, idolization, sexulization, and violence of all types (stripped to nakedness, lavished with golddust, bloodied by her own natural reproductive phases as well as by the hands and penises — and general regard — of men). But this is only my perspective as a mature white female. It is entirley possible that this is meant to have a race component, which would be understandable given our cultural history.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Mr. Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez - American Actor, Director & Writer

Rodriguez, who is of Cuban and Puerto Rican decent, was born on April 2, 1975 in New York City, New York. 

He is better known for his roles as Eric Delko in CSI Miami, Bobby Talerico in Ugly Betty, Sandino in I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Jesse Ramirez in Roswell, and Officer Hector Villanueva in Brooklyn South.

He has also starred in Psych, Caught In The Crossfire, A Kiss of Chaos, Take, Love and Debate, and Law & Order. 

You can view his complete profile at IMDb.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Beauty of Jill Scott

Jill Scott, who hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is absolutely one of my favorite artists. It's not just because she sings R&B. Her voice has depth. This multi-talented singer is a songwriter, poet, and actress.

Her albums include:

Who Is Jill Scott: Words and Sounds Vol. 1 (2000)
Beautifully Human: Words and Sounds Vol. 2 (2004)
The Real Thing: Words and Sounds Vol. 3 (2007)
The Light of The Sun (2011)

(Source: Wikipedia)

She has starred as an actress in Why Did I Get Married? and Why Did I Get Married Too?, Sins of The Mother, The No.1 Ladies' Detective Agency, Cavedweller, and more.

(Source: IMDb)


Monday, April 2, 2012

Saving Anya by Latrivia S. Nelson

Have you read any good books lately?

I absolutely enjoyed reading the last book in The Medlov Crime Family Series. In a way I am sad, because this is the final installment, but there is definitely more to look forward to from one of my favorite authors - Latrivia S. Nelson.

There's drama, suspense, romance - it reads like a regular soap opera. I eagerly awaited the release of Saving Anya to discover what would happen next. All that I can say is that I was not disappointed. While being more lengthy in pages than its predecessors, it was fast paced, and provided a candid look into the lives of each character as the story unfolded. I'll try to give a few details, without spoiling too much.

The Medlov Crime Family Series consists of:

1.) Dmitry's Closet
2.) Dmitry's Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen
3.) Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign
4.) Saving Anya

Friday, March 9, 2012

Trayvon Martin: A Life Cut Short

This is absolutely heartbreaking.

I originally read this article on At The Bar: RIP Trayvon Martin.

On February 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin walked to a nearby convenience store during the NBA half-time game. He was visiting his father and stepmother in a predominantly white town-home community in Sanford, Florida. On his way back, the 28-year-old neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, trailed him and called 911. Reportedly, Zimmerman believed Martin to be suspicious. He was advised not to follow Martin, but did so anyway even though the police were on their way. An altercation ensued resulting in Zimmerman shooting Martin dead.

Trayvon Martin, an African American high school student, was just 17 years old. The investigation is still ongoing. George Zimmerman has not been arrested with the police citing his background to be clean, even though he was arrested in Orange County in 2005. He was charged with resisting arrest with violence, but the charges were later dropped.

Read more:

George Zimmerman, Neighborhood Watch Captain Who Shot Trayvon Martin, Charged With Violence Before

Trayvon Martin's Family Calls For Arrest Of Man Who Police Say Confessed To Shooting (UPDATE)

Florida Family Seeks Justice After Unarmed Teen Shot by Neighborhood Watch Captain - ABC News

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Beauty of Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union is such a phenomenal actress, who just happens to be a former model. I don't claim to know her, but after watching her host the BET Honors (2012), I liked her even more. She's witty, classy, and beautiful.

Union is better known for her roles in Bring It On, Bad Boys II, Deliver Us From Eva, Cradle 2 the Grave, Love & Basketball, 10 Things I Hate About You, and more recently Tyler Perry's Good Deeds.

She stays very active in her acting career, considering that she has starred in numerous television shows and films. You can view her complete filmography at IMDb.

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade on the February 2012 Issue of Essence Magazine

Media Outrage

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy Tribute Performances to Whitney Houston and Etta James

Jennifer Hudson's heartfelt performance paid tribute to the multi-talented and legendary singer, actress, and model - Whitney Houston (Aug. 9, 1963 - Feb. 11, 2012).

21221222396 by YardieGoals

Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt performed in honor of legendary Blues, R&B, Soul, and Rock-and-Roll singer Etta James (Jan. 25, 1938 - Jan. 20, 2012).

2122122227 by YardieGoals

Read more at CBS News and

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Film Appreciation: UnBowed (1999)

Source: Filmanthropic
"UnBowed" is a historical drama that is one of my favorite movies to watch. Within the story there is intrigue, romance, and depth. It focuses on a side of racism from an African American and American Indian perspective.

Since this is an independent film (released in 1999), you may not have heard about it. The quality of this film is terrific. The portrayal of each character was authentic. The chemistry between Cleola (Tembi Locke) and Waka Mani (Jay Tavare) is rare, considering there is a love scene. Performing this type of scene can be awkward, but you definitely see passion.

You view some of the scenes at The Blasian Narrative.

I find that many independent films get overlooked for movies that lack meaning and authenticity. This film certainly deserves more credit and acknowledgement.

"UnBowed" has received several awards, including:

Best Film (Nanci Rossov- Producer/ Director) - American Indian Film Festival
Best Actor (Jay Tavare- Actor) - American Indian Film Festival
Best Screenplay (Mildred Inez Lewis) - Jamerican Film Festival
Audiance Favorite (2nd Place) - Pan African Film Festival

Take a look at the synopsis:

"In the late 1890s, a generation after the Civil War, Cleola (Tembi Locke), a high spirited student at Beckwourth College, appears to be in step with the rigid society of the American South. She has just become engaged to the most affluent of the students (Richard -played by Chuma Hunter-Gault), when three young Lakota prisoners-of-war are dragged to the College - among them the defiant Warrior, Waka Mani (Jay Tavare).

The arrival of the prisoners upsets the genteel, sheltered environment at Beckwourth. For Junius (Catero Alain Colbert), whose military and personal background has taught him to hate Indians, the intrusion into his carefully ordered world is an outrage.

Shocked by the passion they awaken in each other, Cleola and Waka Mani's love shatters the rules and beliefs that have defined their young lives." 

You can purchase this film at

Directed  by Nanci Rossov
Writing Credits by Mildred Inez Lewis
Produced by: Clive Endersby, Lisa Karadjian, Nanci Rossov, and Michele Vignieri


Friday, February 3, 2012

Invisible women: Black Britons struggle to be heard -

Racism isn't just confined to the U.S. , but it happens to minorities and People of Color abroad. In America, we mainly think about our situations, but how often do we acknowledge the plights and situations of people in different countries?

I know that discrimination doesn't just occur in the USA.; it happens where people fail to understand or accept anyone that doesn't fit into their mold.

I haven't traveled to the United Kingdom, nor do I claim to know much about their customs, but as an African American woman I can relate to what these women have experienced. Stereotypes hurt people, PERIOD. Part of the problem is attributed to ignorance, while the other is attributed to a lack of respect and tolerance.

Read more at Madame Noire and CNN.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Journey Into K-Pop By Way of Rain (Bi)

Rain for NYLON Magazine (All KPOP)

Oh, where do I start?

I can honestly say that my appreciation for K-Pop actually started when Korean actor and R&B singer Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) starred in Ninja Assassin as Raizo.

This movie also stars Naomie Harris! - known for Miami Vice, 28 Days Later, Pirates of the Caribbean, Street Kings, etc.
Naomie Harris
I remember when the promos for the movie came out. What attracted me was just a glimpse of the main actor, who happened to be Asian, which I thought was interesting. The majority of heroes in Hollywood films are white males.

Austin Chronicle
Movie Photo Gallery
Unfortunately, I didn't see the movie then, but about a year or so later. I don't even know how I managed to find the Blasian Narrative, but I am so glad I did, since they featured an article about Rain. I had no idea that he was the main character.

After watching the movie, I spent quite a few hours discovering more about Rain. He is pretty fascinating.  I later discovered that he created MBLAQ under his label J. Tune Camp, who are now one of my favorite music groups. Even though I don't understand what they are saying in their music, I do enjoy listening.


After MBLAQ, I started listening to Big Bang, which led me to 2NE1 and 2PM.

Big Bang
Big Bang



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Black Women Celebrities with Short Hair

Chrisette Michele (Singer- Songwriter)
Whoever says it is a requirement for women to have long hair in order to be attractive needs a wakeup call. Yes, I know we have our own preferences based on our opinions, but to deny someone because of the length of their hair is ludicrous.

I won't get into the various connotations regarding the stereotypical connotations surrounding women who have short hair in relation to their sexuality, because that's a whole other subject that's irrelevant.

This post focuses on the beauty of Black women who forego what many people believe to be a vital element in order to be beautiful in our society: long hair (mainly long straight hair).

Yet, having short tresses definitely sets you apart from a good number of women.

For instance, Amber Rose who is famous for her platinum blonde buzz cut, revamped the look of this super low cut hairstyle. What makes Amber Rose so appealing is that by her not having long hair, more emphasis is placed on her facial features and bone structure. Her short hair is her trademark. Read why she decided to go bald here.

The Urban Daily
Regina King

BV Wellness

Erykah Badu

Naturally Curly

Halle Berry
Nia Long

All Celebrity Hairstyles
Chrisette Michele
Eva Marcille
Lauryn Hill

Madame Noire
Malinda Williams
Solange Knowles

Hairstyle Again
Janet Jackson

Huffington Post

Thirsty Roots


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