Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grammy Tribute Performances to Whitney Houston and Etta James

Jennifer Hudson's heartfelt performance paid tribute to the multi-talented and legendary singer, actress, and model - Whitney Houston (Aug. 9, 1963 - Feb. 11, 2012).

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Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt performed in honor of legendary Blues, R&B, Soul, and Rock-and-Roll singer Etta James (Jan. 25, 1938 - Jan. 20, 2012).

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Film Appreciation: UnBowed (1999)

Source: Filmanthropic
"UnBowed" is a historical drama that is one of my favorite movies to watch. Within the story there is intrigue, romance, and depth. It focuses on a side of racism from an African American and American Indian perspective.

Since this is an independent film (released in 1999), you may not have heard about it. The quality of this film is terrific. The portrayal of each character was authentic. The chemistry between Cleola (Tembi Locke) and Waka Mani (Jay Tavare) is rare, considering there is a love scene. Performing this type of scene can be awkward, but you definitely see passion.

You view some of the scenes at The Blasian Narrative.

I find that many independent films get overlooked for movies that lack meaning and authenticity. This film certainly deserves more credit and acknowledgement.

"UnBowed" has received several awards, including:

Best Film (Nanci Rossov- Producer/ Director) - American Indian Film Festival
Best Actor (Jay Tavare- Actor) - American Indian Film Festival
Best Screenplay (Mildred Inez Lewis) - Jamerican Film Festival
Audiance Favorite (2nd Place) - Pan African Film Festival

Take a look at the synopsis:

"In the late 1890s, a generation after the Civil War, Cleola (Tembi Locke), a high spirited student at Beckwourth College, appears to be in step with the rigid society of the American South. She has just become engaged to the most affluent of the students (Richard -played by Chuma Hunter-Gault), when three young Lakota prisoners-of-war are dragged to the College - among them the defiant Warrior, Waka Mani (Jay Tavare).

The arrival of the prisoners upsets the genteel, sheltered environment at Beckwourth. For Junius (Catero Alain Colbert), whose military and personal background has taught him to hate Indians, the intrusion into his carefully ordered world is an outrage.

Shocked by the passion they awaken in each other, Cleola and Waka Mani's love shatters the rules and beliefs that have defined their young lives." 

You can purchase this film at

Directed  by Nanci Rossov
Writing Credits by Mildred Inez Lewis
Produced by: Clive Endersby, Lisa Karadjian, Nanci Rossov, and Michele Vignieri


Friday, February 3, 2012

Invisible women: Black Britons struggle to be heard -

Racism isn't just confined to the U.S. , but it happens to minorities and People of Color abroad. In America, we mainly think about our situations, but how often do we acknowledge the plights and situations of people in different countries?

I know that discrimination doesn't just occur in the USA.; it happens where people fail to understand or accept anyone that doesn't fit into their mold.

I haven't traveled to the United Kingdom, nor do I claim to know much about their customs, but as an African American woman I can relate to what these women have experienced. Stereotypes hurt people, PERIOD. Part of the problem is attributed to ignorance, while the other is attributed to a lack of respect and tolerance.

Read more at Madame Noire and CNN.


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