Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Erykah Badau ft. The Flaming Lips - Western Esotericism


**The link to this video is NSFW**
This video has a plethora of symbolism. When I first watched the video, I took a moment to digest its contents. I can appreciate the elements from an artistic perspective. To the average person the video looks suggestive, leaving you to wonder “What the hell did I just watch?” Since the video involves Erykah Badu, it’s not full of “fluff”. She is not the typical musician or artist. There is a meaning behind whatever she does or creates.

You can view the video on my tumblr page here.
Click here to view the original blog post and video from Shadow & Act.

In my opinion, KAT3000 on Blogs.IndieWire.com gives one of the best analysis or interpretation of the video:
KAT30000 | JUNE 4, 2012 1:58 PMREPLY

I guess I see it straight-up as a woman surviving what the world has tried to make of her. The heavy echo, long phrasing and minimal accompanyment of starke percussive tones in this rendition of the song stretch, distort, and harden the subject that is about having once been completely love-struck … the cumulative affect evokes the sensation of indifference in retrospect, having survived utter disillusionment. She heals from the pain (from the blackened eye) and is cleansed (bathed) having endured objectification, idolization, sexulization, and violence of all types (stripped to nakedness, lavished with golddust, bloodied by her own natural reproductive phases as well as by the hands and penises — and general regard — of men). But this is only my perspective as a mature white female. It is entirley possible that this is meant to have a race component, which would be understandable given our cultural history.

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