Monday, December 17, 2012

Girlfriends (TV Show): 2000-2008

This post is dedicated to the fans of the television series Girlfriends. The show, created by Mara Brock Akil,  aired for eight seasons, starting in 2000 until it was cancelled in 2008.

I appreciated the diversity of the characters, centering around four black women. published this article entitled, "The Demise of the Black Sitcom," which highlights the struggles that shows with predominantly black casts have faced.

"In 2008, the series "Girlfriends" - a staple of UPN and The CW networks for a combined eight years - was unceremoniously cancelled. The program, which centered on the lives of four young black women (a story often never told in Hollywood), "Girlfriends" became one of the highest rated shows among African-Americans aged 18-34. By 2008, however, the show was dumped by the network. "Girlfriends" never received a proper series finale, angering many loyal fans."

Girlfriends -
So why was the show cancelled?

It seems to have revolved around money. Anytime companies merge, cuts are made.

When UPN and The WB merged, creating The CW network in 2006, many black sitcoms were cancelled.

"The truth is that shows featuring African-Americans are still considered risky business. The idea that a mainstream audience won't watch a show about people of another racial background is a genuine concern for television executives. It's harder for film or television entertainment to get produced and financed if the subjects are of a darker hue than typically seen on screen." (Story by Michael Langston Moore

Tracee Ellis Ross
Golden Brooks
Persia White
Jill Marie Jones
The cast included: Tracee Ellis Ross as Joan Carol Clayton, Golden Brooks as Maya Denise Wilkes, Persia White as Lynn Ann Searcy, Jill Marie Jones as Antoinette 'Toni' Marie Childress Garrett, and Reginald C. Hayes as William Jerome Dent.

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