Thursday, February 14, 2013

Music Therapy: Gaelle - Give It Back


Searching for some good music can take time, but I just happened to be at work when I first heard this song.

This was my first opportunity to listen to Gaelle. I was entranced by her sultry voice.

"Give It Back"(Transient) is a song that I always manage to replay continuously in my iPod.

Lyrics by

give it back 
you hijacked my mind so 
i’m falling in circles 
can’t catch my fall so 
i need you to be close cause 
where you go i’ll follow 
so give it back 

in my bed 
sleeping not 
i cannot explain whats in my head 
longing for 
an empty thought 
but i seem to think of you instead 

you blew my mind away 
and i can’t let you go 

took it and ran away 
just had to let you know 

just dropped a line to say 
that i lost all control 

you blew my mind away 


in my head 
and in my heart 
i cannot complain no one competes 
longing for this phase to stop 
never been the sam since you loved me 

you blew my mind away 
now that i’m torn apart 

took it and ran away 
is when you come for my heart 

theres nothing left to say 
and i don’t know where to start 

give back my thoughts to me 

Give It Back lyrics © EMI Music Publishing

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